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Sydney Sage is so important.

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In the diary room is a guest no one has seen before…

mum on Ep1: God you watch some shit

mum on Ep20: Hey… would you come to a live show with me??

priya’s outfits are always so on point

skye introducing herself w a mouthful of food loves it

I agree though Ned and Kelly are so important they are sO impoRtan t

Lisa talkin about herself to Leo

"Im from sydney… bit of a cunt.. but i get along with everyone.. I’m a good cook, my specialty is shit stirring.."

Im laughing so much they are offering a 20k appliance package just for answering a stingy question, yet the evicted housemates get a whopping 5k gift card thingy

Ryan finally gets screen time and he spends it picking his nose god bless

Literally every time Ned or Kelly come on screen my eyes just zone in on them

lmao when lawson and skye were arguing about the jelly and priya was kinda just



Travis nominating Priya because he can’t hold a conversation with her, not her fault you lack the mental capacity to roll with a Goddessimage

its official, aisha gets her cuteness from her nan

seeing lawson get slapped with a wet fish has changed me as a person

wait but he chose to meet w aisha??